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    2017/5/27 9:08:48
    " LED lighting for industrial premises, it was decided to use explosion proof lighting and explosion proof equipments. These lighting fixtures no pulsation of luminous flux, eliminating the stroboscopic effect and improve security. The moment is especially important for the enterprise, where a large number of machine tools with rotating machinery. Good color rendering index and a white emission spectrum improve wearing comfort and visual perception. With low power consumption managed to ensure a high level of illumination of industrial premises of the plant."
    2017/5/27 9:08:30
    Good quality products and rich experience in lighting industry make us obtain the order of military hospital.
    2017/5/27 9:08:17
    High bay light install in the workshop of machinery plant, to provide good quality brightness. It will improve the worker's efficiency and the QA of the product.
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