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The Advantage to Do Business with Factory
Datetime: 2016/6/30 10:49:44  Hits: 1130

As we all knows, to do business directly with factory has many benifits: Low Price, Steady Quality Assurance, Fast Delivery Time, Technical Support, OEM Service ect. 

A good supplier could let you make more efforts in your sale market without worring about products. Then how to choose a good factory in china? 

As follow we will give you some tips: 

1. Make our money in safe and make our business in safe, we should check the authenticity about the adrress, history, management situation, register capital and the certification of the factory. These could make sure this company is truethly and legally existed. 

All Chinese company should be registered in Administration of Industry and Commerce. You can check it on the inernet. The website is: The website is only for chinese version. You can follow the steps on""

The certification always also could be checked on the internet. 

2. Make sure the quality of the products is what we need. According to the description of the products, include text description, actual picture and samples, selling history. We could decide wheather this products is matched with our require.

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