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2018/5/31 8:36:34
Warm welcome you come to our exhibition booth to talk each other and see the actual product.
2017/5/21 5:16:27
Review for the 11th-13th May 2017 Ningbo International Lighting Exhibition and fair schedule of Crown Extra Lighting.
2016/7/19 8:28:40
Crown Extra Lighting provided us the perfect solution, their explosion proof lighting have complete explosion proof compliant certifications. their light fixture with good led driver and american led chips, better compared with the lighting in the market. At the same time, they provide best service and have professional installation engineers.
2016/6/30 10:49:44
Manufacturing In China Can Give Your Business The Competitive Advantage: Low Price, Steady Quality Assurance, Fast Delivery Time, Technical Support, OEM Service ect.
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